John Jacobs is the President and Founder of ArtFire, Your Home For Handmade.  Buy and sell handmade items with no listing fees, no final value fees or commissions and no tax on your creativity!  Buying handmade, unique, and OOAK items has never been so easy with thousands of artist right at your fingertips in a safe on-line environment that connects you to the artist behind each piece.

Discover your joy and connect with a culture of like-minded artists and craftsman in the Chatterbox Forums or create your own Guild and invite members to interact in your private Guild Forum.  At ArtFire you are rewarded for your contribution to the community with the ArtiFact system of recognition for accomplishment.  As a member of the community you help guide the direction and have input on new features and functions.  ArtFire uses a revolutionary form of on-line society building known as Community Directed Development (CDD) which empowers members and puts ArtFire senior managers on the front line of service.


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